Thursday, July 17, 2014

Editorial Critique: She-Hulk #6 by Charles Soule, Ron Wimberly

I know I said I was cutting bait on Soule's She-Hulk in my last post, but #6 is so horrible I simply can't stay silent.   As my previous critiques make clear, I haven't been a fan of the series, but usually I can praise Soule's writing technique and dialogue. However, this issue's dialogue was stilted and unnatural. Pulido's art filled in the gaps in Soule's earlier scripts, but now Wimberly's abstract approach is uncomplimentary. The entire series reeks of having been rushed to print.

I plan to move on to critiquing Marvel's new Ms. Marvel run.  I was really skeptical of the premise at first, but there's some interesting story-telling going on in that series, and would recommend it over She-Hulk in a heartbeat.  

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